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Wrestling is a type of combat sport involving grappling type techniques. Wrestling is a physical competition usually between two people with the objective of gaining a superior physical position over your opponent.

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Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler throws their opponent to the mat with unwarranted force without going to the mat themselves.

slipped throw

Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler makes an unsuccessful throw from a standing position.

standing arm-roll

Sports; Wrestling

This is a standing throw where one wrestler brings the other wrestlers arm across their body and through leverage is able to roll the other wrestler unto the mat.


Sports; Wrestling

This is when a wrestler is able to take his rival straight to the mat right from a standing position.

technical fall

Sports; Wrestling

This happens when one wrestler gets 10-point ahead in the match. When that happens the match is over. A technical fall is the same as a pin in all tie-breaking situations.

technical points

Sports; Wrestling

These are points that are given out for various moves and holds.

technical superiority

Sports; Wrestling

See Technical Fall

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