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Wrestling is a type of combat sport involving grappling type techniques. Wrestling is a physical competition usually between two people with the objective of gaining a superior physical position over your opponent.

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Sports; Wrestling

When one wrestler becomes injured and can't continue the boat, then the other wrestler wins by default.


Sports; Wrestling

There are a number of reasons a wrestler can be disqualified. Please see Rules of the Game for a more complete explanation.

double leg tackle

Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler drops to one knee and grabs his opponent's legs, he then begins to lift and dropping to both knees to gain leverage he lifts his opponent over his shoulder and ultimately pins his ...


Sports; Wrestling

When the two wrestlers each have the same number of points when the bout is over.


Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler is able to slip his head under his rivals arm and come up behind him in a position to take him down.


Sports; Wrestling

There are different rounds in wrestling competitions and if a wrestler loses twice they are then eliminated from the match.


Sports; Wrestling

The wrestler who was on the bottom is able to escape and get to his feet and face his rival.

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