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Wrestling is a type of combat sport involving grappling type techniques. Wrestling is a physical competition usually between two people with the objective of gaining a superior physical position over your opponent.

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body press

Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler is trying to use all of their body weight to pin another wrestler who is on their back on the mat.


Sports; Wrestling

A bout is two three-minute periods with a 30-second break in-between periods. See Rules of the Game for Details.


Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler is able to put their opponent on their side or stomach by knocking their hand, elbow or knee away that is providing them support.


Sports; Wrestling

Bridge is when a wrestler has his back to the mat and he is bent over. The only way to keep his shoulders from touching the mat is to keep his legs bent at the knee holding is buttocks off the mat ...


Sports; Wrestling

Cautions can be given for a number of reasons, such as passive obstruction. Please see Rules of the Game for a complete list.

center circle

Sports; Wrestling

This is a small circle inside the wrestling area circle that is 1 meter in diameter.

classification points

Sports; Wrestling

These are points that are awarded at the end of each tournament or match and are used as a way to rank wrestlers. These are not the same as the points a contestant gets during a match. See Rules of ...

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