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Wrestling is a type of combat sport involving grappling type techniques. Wrestling is a physical competition usually between two people with the objective of gaining a superior physical position over your opponent.

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Sports; Wrestling

When the referee commands a wrestler to put both of his hands on the back of his opponent, who is knelling with his hands and knees touching the ground. Wrestlers in the standing position put their ...

correct hold

Sports; Wrestling

This is a correct throw used by a wrestler but it does not produce a takedown.


Sports; Wrestling

This is a move whereby one wrestler places one arm around his opponent's neck, and then the other around the back or underside of his opponent's knee. He then attempts to lock his hands together to ...


Sports; Wrestling

When a wrestler is able to execute a standing throw where their opponent is thrown over their hips or across their back.

crotch lift

Sports; Wrestling

This is when a wrestler puts his arms around his rivals upper thigh and lifts. Double Ouch.

danger position

Sports; Wrestling

This is when a wrestler is bent over backwards. That is, he goes beyond a 90-degree position with his back toward the mat. The only way he may avoid being pinned is to form a bridge.


Sports; Wrestling

This is when the referee tries to persuade the wrestlers to be more vigorous in their wrestling.

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