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Zoological terms

Terms in relation to animals, such as mammals, birds, reptiles or fish.

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Zoological terms


Zoology; Zoological terms

When used in a zoological context, the term tentacle refers to a slender, elongated, flexible organ that grows near the mouth of an animal. Tentacles are most common in invertebrates, although they ...


Zoology; Zoological terms

Ecological zone south of the tundra and north of the temperate zone, dominated by conifer trees and harsh winters.


Zoology; Zoological terms

The lower leg. The major bone in this region of the leg is the tarsometatarsus, which is a fusion of structures called ankle and foot bones in mammals. The avian equivalent of the mammalian lower leg ...


Zoology; Zoological terms

A unit used in grouping and naming living organisms; a general term that can refer to any level of a taxonomic classification.

taxonomic classification

Zoology; Zoological terms

Hierarchical system for grouping and naming types of living organisms.


Zoology; Zoological terms

(Gk. taxis, arrangement; nomos, law) The science of identification and classification into categories of varying rank, based on similarities and differences, and naming them.


Zoology; Zoological terms

A particular area defended by an individual against intrusion by other individuals, particularly of the same species.

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