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Of or pertaining to any element, compound or alloy that conducts both heat and electricity.

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tr disc

Metals; Gold

A tr disc is a non motion mode of metal detector operation and in which discrimination can be recognized with manual ground balance. This is almost always and exclusively used ...

wet panning

Metals; Gold

Wet panning is the action that is done for gold with water that is used to create the state of suspension that allows the gravity to make the gold flakes sink into the riffles of ...


Metals; Gold

Tailings are what remain after precious metal has been recovered from a certain area and is usually referred to when mining or dredging is done.


Metals; Gold

The adjustable level of audio sound at which a metal detector is used when precious metals are searched for.


Metals; Gold

Suspension is the status of a substance when its particles become mixed with fluid but it is not dissolved. This suspension causes the flakes of gold to sink into the riffles of a ...


Metals; Gold

Snipping is the testing of a site by the selective use of a gold pan on its own or along with a metal detector, dredge, etc.

suction dredge

Metals; Gold

A suction dredge is a floating device that has a motor and tubing and serves to recover material from a lake or a stream bottom, and sluice box for separation of precious metals.