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Related to the production, distribution and appreciation of music in any genre or style.

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Music; Classical

A symbol in sheet music that returns a note to its original pitch after it has been augmented or diminished.


Music; Classical

(1) Ensemble music for voice(s) and instrument(s) (17th century) (2) extended piece of music in which a solo instrument or instruments is contrasted with an orchestral ensemble ...

tone poem

Music; Classical

Same as symphonic poem.

neoromanticism (post-Romanticism)

Music; Classical

Vague terms generally denoting efforts to retain the aesthetic and/or mood of Romantic Period composition, while adding to it through the application of more recent techniques.

concerto grosso

Music; Classical

Orchestral form especially popular in the 17th and 18th centuries in which the contrasting lines of a smaller and a larger group of instruments are featured.


Music; Classical

The first tone of a scale also known as a keynote.

pantomime ballet

Music; Classical

A ballet-like performance in which moods, action, and narration can be depicted through choreographed bodily gestures.