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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

Contributors in Eastern philosophy

Eastern philosophy


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The greatest Japanese haiku writer.

Hui Neng

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Sixth patriarch of Chinese Zen, emphasized the oneness of all things.

Miyamoto Musashi and Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Samurai writers who helped record and preserve samurai ideals of preparedness; indifference to pain, death, and material possessions, wisdom, and courage.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

One of the great philosophical traditions in China, according to which the individual will find peace and tranquility through quietly following the Tao.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

In Chinese philosophy, the Way, or the ultimate and eternal principle of unity, meaning, and harmony in the universe. Tao represents the natural order of the universe as a whole, and also the path ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

In Buddhism, the highest good; the extinction of will and of the accompanying ego, greed, anger, delusion, and clinging to existence. Achievement of nirvana means being freed from all future ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A philosophical tradition, founded by Gautama Siddhartha Buddha in the fifth century b. C. , that took on various forms as a religion and spread throughout Asia; Buddhism attempts to help the ...

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