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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

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Eastern philosophy


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Within the Indian tradition, the gunas are the three energies from which everything is constituted. They are: sattwa, the energy of illumination and goodness; rajas, the energy of movement and ...

present moment

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The point in time in which all things take place and occur; in contrast with the past or the future, which are merely impressions in the mind.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A method for ascertaining truth in a conversation between two people with differing views. Popular from Greek to Indian philosophers.


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The true nature of a human being, that which remains constant within him/her.

I Ching

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The oldest of the Chinese classic texts. It describes an ancient system of cosmology and philosophy which is at the heart of Chinese cultural beliefs. The philosophy centers on the ideas of the ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

The process by which the Divine manifests the cosmos, as compared to evolution, which is the process of the creation raising to higher states and states of consciousness. Involution prepares the ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Knowledge of one's true self. The term "self-realization" is a translation of the Sanskrit expression atma jnana (knowledge of the self or atma). The reason the term "realization" is used instead of ...

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