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Eastern philosophy

Terms that relate to the philosophy of South and East Asia.

Contributors in Eastern philosophy

Eastern philosophy


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Founder of the most dominant system of Chinese thought, emphasized the perfectibility of people as well as their ability to affect things for the better.

Lao Tzu

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Founder of Taoism, held that the Tao is ineffable and beyond our ability to alter. He emphasized the importance of effortless nonstriving.

Four Noble Truths

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

Buddha's answer to the central problem of life (1) There is suffering; (2) suffering has specific and identifiable causes; (3) suffering can be ended; (4) the way to end suffering is through ...

Murasaki Shikibu

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

An influential Japanese Mahayana Buddhist philosopher of the late tenth and early eleventh centuries, held that women were responsible moral agents who were capable of enlightenment and could ...


Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A twelfth-century Islamic thinker, was thought of as holding two separate truths, that of religion and that of philosophy.

Avicenna (Abu Ali ibn-Sina)

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A tenth-century Islamic thinker, felt that there is a parallelism between philosophy and theology.

Sun Tzu

Philosophy; Eastern philosophy

A sixth-century B. C. Taoist philosopher and general, applied Taoist philosophy to military strategy.

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