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International dishes


Food (other); International dishes

Banchan refers to small dished of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. These mostly consist of pickled or seasoned vegetables used to complement the main dish.


Food (other); International dishes

Sujeo is the Korean word for a special set of eating utensils commonly used to eat Korean good. The set includes a pair of rounded metal chopsticks and a long-handled spoon of the same material.


Food (other); International dishes

Hoe refers to various raw food dishes in Korean cuisine. The term can apply to raw seafood (similar to Japanese sashimi) and raw beef dishes.

daeha gui

Food (other); International dishes

Daeha gui is a grilled Korean dish or Chinese white shrimp and comes under the class of saengseon gui (literally “grilled fish).


Food (other); International dishes

Hanwu, hanu or han-u refers to a breed of cattle raised in Korea and favoured in South Korean cuisine. This is because many Koreans prefer hanwu to cheaper imported beef as the former is regarded as ...


Food (other); International dishes

Ganjang is a kind of Korean soy sauce made form fermented soybeans and is a uniquely Korean condiment. Ganjang is made after a long process or preparing, drying and fermenting soybeans and is the ...

Korean barbecue

Food (other); International dishes

Korean barbecue, or gogigui (literally “meat + roasting”), refers to the Korean method of grilling beef, pork, chicken or other types of meat. The grilling is usually carried out the at diner’s table ...

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