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For pear- or diamond-shaped faces with a very prominent chin, a full beard can help minimize and soften your facial features. Having long sideburns will also balance your face out and reduce the pointed appearance of your chin. A beard will minimize a soft or overly prominent chin. The style: Long, thick sideburns with a beard that provides light, all-over face coverage.

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

梨或菱形臉具有非常突出的下巴,濃密的鬍子可以説明最小化和軟化你的面部特徵。有長鬢角也將平衡你的臉和減少你的下巴尖的出現。留著鬍子會儘量減少一個軟的或過於明顯的突出的下巴。 風格: 長長的厚厚的鬢角,留著鬍子,提供光,全身的臉覆蓋範圍。

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

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