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Men with square faces should opt for styles that make their faces appear less box-like and more slender. Simply grow your facial hair out for several weeks and then use clippers to keep the length ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Rectangular or oblong faces tend to be quite slender and angular. If you have this face shape, a beard is one facial hair style that can balance your features out by visually shortening the length of ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Individuals with round faces should try facial hair styles that have the effect of making faces appear masculine and oval-shaped. However, take care not to choose a style that will overwhelm your ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Men with triangular-shaped faces tend to have very pointed chins. A fuller beard will make these faces appear more masculine by adding weight along the jawline and the chin. The style: A more unkempt ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

For pear- or diamond-shaped faces with a very prominent chin, a full beard can help minimize and soften your facial features. Having long sideburns will also balance your face out and reduce the ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: Style, cut & fit

Hair that is on and above the upper lip. There are different forms of mustaches that can be styled and cut for different people. For example some people will use a wax to curl the edges of their ...

Domain: Fashion; Category: General fashion

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