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Croatian detergent and personal hygiene company with a 118 years long tradition.

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Saponia is a modern company built on over one hundred years of tradition and its employees innovation. The company has developed from a family soap production workshop into one of the largest ...

Domain: Cosmetics & skin care; Category: Cosmetics

The line of dishwashing detergents has an exceptional power to remove fat and provides maximum efficiency with excellent washing results.

Domain: Cosmetics & skin care; Category: Cosmetics

Constant innovation of cleaning products under the brand of Arf improves the quality of everyday life and develops a culture of cleanliness and health as a lifestyle.

Domain: Household cleaners; Category: All-purpose cleaners

Daily care of teeth and oral cavity is extremely important for your health, so we give a lot of attention to products for oral hygiene. To meet the needs of consumers, Saponia has developed a wide ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Tooth care

A diverse range of body care products includes shampoo Frutella, Lahor soaps, Kaina hand cream, Brinell shaving cream and Di Sun protection products. The products cointain carefully selected ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Skin care

Faks Helizim is a universal laundry detergent, which because of the constant innovation ensures excellent washing power and unique fragrance. Faks Helizim is a favorite detergent of generations of ...

Domain: Cosmetics & skin care; Category: Cosmetics

Rubel is a universal laundry detergent that will provide you with a brilliant white and fragrant fresh clothes at an affordable price.

Domain: Cosmetics & skin care; Category: Cosmetics

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