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Croatian detergent and personal hygiene company with a 118 years long tradition.

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Di Sunprotection line of products is designed for sun protection and after sun skin care. The products contain highly effective protection complex as well as the active ingredients that provide deep ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Skin care

Brinell shaving creams are intended for primary care for men, and the gentle and effective ingredients are suitable for all types of skin.

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Shaving

Kaina intensive cream for hands and nails improves resistance and firmness of hand skin. Special formulation with a combination of vitamins A, B, C and E provides skin with moisture and stimulates ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Skin care

B-Safe soaps have active ingredients with antibacterial and nourishing properties. These soaps are specially designed for daily hygiene and body care rituals. B-Safe soaps effectively remove ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Soap

Lahor soaps are based on herbal, coconut and palm oils, that are gentle to your skin still providing necessary power of washing, have thick and stable foam and a mild odor.

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Soap

Basic hair care means choosing the appropriate shampoo. Frutella shampoos are designed for frequent use at all types of hair. Using FRUTELLA shampoo, the whole family will feel its mild action and no ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Shampoo

Kalodont toothbrushes provide quality care, protection and hygiene of the teeth and oral cavity. Their high-quality fibers reach even hard to reach places. Thoroughly cleans the teeth and gums. Teeth ...

Domain: Personal care products; Category: Tooth care

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