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The Sinharaja Forest is the largest rain forest reserve in Sri Lanka.The Sinharaja Forest is home to many rare animals and trees.It is very beautiful place.

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There are many number of hotels and rest houses near the Sinharaja rain forest.They are really very beautiful and supply a good service to visitors. some of them are , Citrus Hikkaduwa (1km from ...

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There are many steps to save the rain forest.Today the Sinharaja stands as a symbol of inspiration for conservationists and scientists in Sri Lanka. Within the course of ten years, this patch of ...

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Sinharaja is surrounded by 22 villages with a population of approximately 5000 people. Only two villages, Warukandeniya and Kolonthotuwa are located within the reserve. The family structure is that ...

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There are 8 very beautiful waterfalls and unlimited waterways at Pitadeniya enterence to Sinharaja forest. Those are Kekuna falls, Pathanoya falls, Malmora falls, Brahmana falls, Galdoru falls, Uran ...

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There are many number of plant with flowers.But there's no flowers in very season. orchid (Dendrobium macarthiae) endemic Plant "Binara" (Exacum trinervium)

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There are some woody climber in the jungle.They go tree to tree like a chain. Rubiaceae (Uncaria thwaitesii) Rutaceae (Toddalia asiatica)

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There are many herbs.But do not allow to take them away from the reserve. Graminae ( Paspalum conjugatum) Orchidaceae (Arundina graminifolia) Lycopodiaceae ( Lycopodium cernuum) Gleichiniaceae ...

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The Sinharaja forest is best known for its amazing waterfalls, and I've borne witnesses to this myself. I took the advice of a popular Forestry Service and decided to explore the forest, and it was indeed a very good decision. The forest should be the eighthh wonder of the world.

08:18, 27 September 2021
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