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The statutory title of a qualified accountant who has passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination and has a bachelor's degree in accounting, and has met the entire necessary requirement of the ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

The first accountants that formed a professional body that is established in Britain in the year 1854. They work in different fields of business such as taxation, auditing, general and financial ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

A set of rules defining and outlining the proper responsibilities and practices of an individual, organization or party. The concepts related to this are moral codes, ethics, honor and religious ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

The measurement, process and method of communicating all of financial information about economic establishments. It is called as the language of business and it also measure the activities of the ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

Is a person who has obtained a bachelor's degree in accountancy and an accountant license by passing the licensure examination for accountants and those who practices accountancy. They are also ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

All sources of information or evidence used in auditing and preparing financial statements. Accounting records comes in many forms such as ledgers, journals, bank statements, contracts and ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

The process of recording financial transactions as part of accounting. These include sales, receipts and purchases or payments made by an individual or organization. A financial report is created ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

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