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A system of organizations consists of people, resources and information involved in a moving service or product from supplier reaching to the customer. It makes use of natural resources as raw ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

Also known as investment fraud or stock fraud, is a unlawful practice that attracts investors to purchase on the basis of information that is not true and violates securities laws.

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

A body of procedures and techniques for investigating different phenomena in order to acquire new knowledge or fixing and correcting previous acquired knowledge. This is based on a method of ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

Also known as regulator, regulatory body or regulatory authority, is a government agency that exercise autonomous authority over specific are of activities of people in their regulatory capacity or ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

A systematic and theoretical analysis of the different methods that will be applied in a field of study. It is consists of concepts such as quantitative or qualitative techniques, paradigm, phase and ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

Also known as managerial accounting focuses on the provisions and use of in formation in accounting to managers in a specific organization, in order to provide them with the basis to create informed ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

A person allocating his or her capital in a business with the expectation of financial return within a specific time. The types of investments are equity, real estate, commodity, currency, debts, ...

Domain: Accounting; Category: General accounting

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