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1)Imposts is a noun meaning taxes on goods coming from abroad, thus Customers fees, to be paid upon arrivale at the Customers office from abroad, in order to be able/to be entitled to be disposed to the company/agent, or person who imported them.

2)Imposture=is the act and/or state of being cheated, decepted, for ex. people who claim/pretend to be doctor, but in fact they aren't not having the relative typical qualifications, or whatever formalities needed, as valid ones.

3) Impound=fore-close, limitation, restriction. For ex. to those who have not credibility, thus the necessary reliability to borrow money from banks, thus get loans to be paid in installments, and they are bad payers, this is known amomg banks, and they are limited/legally restricted to get more loans. Or also a similar case, is for ex.when a person adult one, who has right to acts of law involving money or not, or who is prived from his/her political rights, also for instance, as said, someone who puts the family to risk property truly and in a proven repetitve way, then in this case, the other family members may get an official document issued from Court after proceeding to relative lawsuit, in terms of Civil Law, according which this person is not entitled to handle money common to all family members for a while, thus he/she is restricted from law to do so, but such things happen, or should happen, not for one's own exclusively money, but only money for ex. who is for pay off family loan for which one has also signed. Impound applies also for young members of a family, or even adult ones in some cases, who are under full or half custody, for reasons of mental disorders, or when for ex. this person uses in an abusive way money of family to buy his/her dose of drugs. In this case, a psychiatrist may involve to help this person X get rid of drugs and become sane again, upon request of other members of family, in relation of kinship with him/her, this case involves both medical and legal part of case; just medical case can apply, as well as legal part of case once this is requested and in view of all factors, Court is responsible for legal part of the case, to issue a relevant official order, if this person X does not work, thus does not have his/her own money, thus putting family property to danger, and provided that person is diagnosed with mental problem, resulting from drugs or not, when a doctor may involve respectively. ..etc. Each case is personalized then, and is examined by Court separately. etc. or solve the problem, by calling both parties and find/choose a solution of compromize in case, this request for any reason, is legally offended by this person, with help of lawyer, thus this person disputes the decision of the other family members, even if he/she has a problem but not so serious so that he/she puts in risk the family property, or if he/she can prove, that he/she has enough money to spend on his/her own, upon earning his/her own living...Case of drug taking is primary medical case, that needs intervention of doctor, upon request of family, in the first place, and then legal part may follow, if all terms and conditions concurr, that justify issuance of such document from Court..By all means, each case is separate each time..

4)Impracticable, is adj. that means something can not be realized, practiced or applied; not possible, fast impossible in some cases.

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