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Impressment is a nounm that means recruitment, hire, or engage in army. Thus, we have the phrasal term 'impressed soldiers'=soldiers who have been recruited in army, have joined the army

2)Imprison=To put to prison, send to prison, condemn to prison, jail, or sentence to jail/prison, -which applies-for serious penal acts, that are 'condemned, thus sentenced to prison' for more than years and hence, we also have legal imprisonment, when a trial has preceeded, and actor/accused person/perpetrator has been legally sent to prison, through Court decision, and relative grade of Court, according to grade of trial as we know. -/Illegal imprisonment applies,when, usually in a non democratic State, some people are imprisoned for their political persuasions, but somehow expressed in relative acts of political color, and whose names are previosuly registered by authorities. We also can say that we have illegal imprisonment, when for ex. a person is caught in the act, without an order of Prosecutor of regional Court, or, when a person is imprisoned by authorities, upon being caught, and in this case, 'may only have committed penal act' without further investigation and inquisition by Inquestor or Prosecutor, who has sent him/her to Inquestor, and his/her pre-formed relative doc of accusation of such penal act. -//Or we also have phrase to serve a sentence of imprisonment'= in Greek εκτίω ποινή φυλάκισης κλπ.

4)Improper= not as one or something should be, incompetent, we say thus a report accusing someone of public improper behavior etc thus anti-social behavior, social behavior not meeting standrads of 'must' thus sometimes, entailing terms and conditions to be referred/reported as penal act.

4)Impropriation=means concession, endorsement of Church property, or piece of land belonging to Church to public sector, etc

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