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1) Include is a verb that means 'something contained inside', ('περικλείω'), and noun is 'inclusion'. For ex. My CV does not include everything, or expenses/VAT not included, the law x does not include 'this' rule, or included/including= that includes.etc

2) Income=amount of revenues, earnings for ex. for a company, we also have 'gross income'=μεικτό εισόδημα of a physical person, from salary, wage, or any payment, (before taxes) and 'net income' (after taxes), this is καθαρό εισόδημα, for ex. 'he/she earns a steady monthly income, refering here obv. to salary, or 'taxes are not included in the income' etc. Or we have 'income tax'=Φόρος εισοδήματος, 'an income property'=εισοδηματική περιουσία

3)Incompatibility=ασυμβατότητα, for ex. 'this charger is incompatible to this computer'or in High Court for ex. process of Cancellation, (after evaluation of Doc of Trial, and report of Appeal Court (the law(-s) chosen for judgment/adjudication and hence decision of Appeal from Judge of this crime, is 'incompatible with Constitution', thus claim of Cancellation is 100% accepted,or by 60% accepted ('the issued decision of Appeal Court is held to be incompatible, unacceptable', with Constitution, is not in accordance with Constitution, being opposed to art. Χ of Constitution, or to rules a and c for ex. of art. Χ of Const., therefore request to Cancellation to High Court, is accepted (partially acceptable/accepted) etc.

For ex. the incopatibility of principle A of Natural Law, and principle B of Custom Law, in regard to rules a of art.X of Constitution ref. to Natural Law, and rule b of art.X1 of Constitution of Custom Law, thus raising conflict this way, and between these two sources of Law, for ex. etc therefore a Law X2 should be chosen, not including any incompatibility of rules of law, as the most appropriate one to apply for decision..on this legal case of adjudication..Nb even a minor order of law X3 for ex. may not exclude incompatibility by 100%, thus, for ex. combination of two other or three other laws, should be hence accepted, raising incompatibility totally.

We also have the 'professional incompatibility', thus a physical person may not practice, both professions/jobs A and B at the same time, due existing incompatibility on basis of Law.

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