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Drink from Ireland, produced by fermentation of grasses: barley, corn, rye, wheat, oats, rice, etc. Distilled by evaporation of several stills for 2 years.

This spirit is marketed with an alcohol of 40 to 50% of volume content.

The term whiskey or whiskey (US and Ireland) derived from the Scottish Gaelic "Uisge beatha" and the Irish "uisce beathadh" Gaelic, meaning, in both cases, "water of life".


The two basic categories of Scotch whiskey are mixed or combined and single malt or without mixing.

Unmixed whiskey is produced from a single grain or combination of grains, whenever one of them represents at least 51% of the total.

The combined whiskey can have as origin several different distilleries, grain types and different methods of distillation.

In general, single malt whiskey is bright and full of character flavor, while the combined whiskey is smooth and silky.


The first stage of the production consists of grinding the beans, then water to the prepared and cooked grinding is added to obtain a sugary solution called wort. This is filtered and poured into fermentation vessels, and yeast is added. The yeast converts the sugars present in the substance in ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Tuned after fermentation, malt or low alcohol beer distilled normally obtained using one of two methods: continuous stills or in two or more batch distillation stills (used especially in the Scottish malt whiskey distilleries).

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Distilling Whiskey

The separation of the water spirit is an example of the distillation process. When brought to boiling a solution of alcohol, most of the initial alcohol vapor is then reaches its boiling point before water. The vapor condenses and is collected several times to obtain more concentrated mixture alcohol, which is used to make whiskey. This copper still concentrated alcohol after fermentation.

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After distilling the liquor produced is aged in wooden casks. For most American whiskey, white oak barrels new used with scorched soles; in the case of Scotch whiskey is aged in barrels used American whiskey, and a smaller proportion is aged in Spanish sherry casks. The duration of aging varies greatly, but is generally between 2 and 5 years that whiskey is marketed with no indication of age, or older marketed indicating their age on the label.

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