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Medical; Stem cell research

The range of commitment options available to a cell.

pluripotent stem cells

Medical; Stem cell research

Stem cells that can develop into all the different cell types in the body except the placenta. They give rise to mulitpotent and unipotent stem cells as the embryo develops.


Medical; Stem cell research

Able to form all the body's cell lineages, including germ cells, and some or even all extraembryonic cell types. Example: embryonic stem cells.


Medical; Stem cell research

Unproven notion that tissue stem cells may be able to generate the cell types of another tissue under certain conditions.


Medical; Stem cell research

The oval spongy structure in the uterus from which the fetus derives its nourishment and oxygen. The placenta develops from the outer cell layer of the blastocyst, called the ...


Medical; Stem cell research

An egg before maturation; a female gametocyte; also called an ovocyte.


Medical; Stem cell research

Able to form two or more mature cell types within a tissue. For example, neural stem cells that can create a subset of neurons in the brain are oligopotent.