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Any living creature of the Kingdom Animalia constituting multi-celled organisms as well as single-celled organisms lacking chlorophyll and having the ability for spontaneous movement, such as protozoans.

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Animals > Crustaceans

maxillopodan eye

Animals; Crustaceans

A compound eye unique to the "maxillopodan" taxa containing three optical cups, each with tapetal cells.


Animals; Crustaceans

A compound protopodal segment representing coxa plus basis.

gongylodont hinge

Animals; Crustaceans

A crenulate hinge with a systematic increase in size of teeth and decrease in size of sockets from anterior to posterior in the right valve, left valve complementary (Family ...

genital double-somite

Animals; Crustaceans

A division of the urosome formed from the genital and first abdominal somites.


Animals; Crustaceans

A faint ring circumscribing the shaft; may be located near the base or well along the shaft.

pentodont hinge

Animals; Crustaceans

A five element hinge, in which the anterior and posterior region of the median element are differentiated, either crenulate or smooth (Family Pectocytheridae only).

copulatory male

Animals; Crustaceans

A fully adult male. In the janiroidea isopods, the male is identified by a sperm tube on the second pleopod's stylet, which is open at its sharp distal tip. In some specimens at ...