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Also known as 'Biotech' , it is the use of micro-organisms and biological substances to perform specific industrial or manufacturing procedures.

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Biology; Biochemistry

Carbohydrate polymer cross-linked by proteins. It is found in the cell wall of Gram positive bacteria, where it stains with the dye crystal-violet.


Biology; Biochemistry

An ion consisting of a phosphorus atom and four oxygen atoms. Among other things, it is used in the constuction of nucleic acids.


Biology; Biochemistry

Biochemical process in which light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll, and is used to fuel the building of sugar molecules.


Biology; Biochemistry

Blue, water-soluble pigment found in the cyanobacteria and the red algae.


Biology; Biochemistry

Red, water-soluble pigment found in the cyanobacteria and red algae.


Biology; Biochemistry

Any colorful compound, used by living things to absorb or block sunlight, and in sexual displays.


Biology; Biochemistry

A large molecule constructed from many smaller identical units. These include proteins, nucleic acids, and starches.