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The art, trade, or work of building.

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Construction; Architecture

water recipient like a well or a tank

woven valley

Construction; Roofing

Method of valley construction in which shingles from both sides of the valley extend across the valley and are woven together by overlapping alternate courses as they are applied. ...


Construction; Roofing

Any outlet for air that protrudes through the roof deck such as a pipe or stack. Any device installed on the roof, gable or soffit for the purpose of ventilating the underside of ...

vapor retarder

Construction; Roofing

Any material used to prevent the passage of water vapor.

UL label

Construction; Roofing

Label displayed on packaging to indicate the level of fire and/or wind resistance of asphalt roofing.


Construction; Roofing

Asphalt saturated felt used beneath roofing to provide additional protection for the deck.