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Ting Tings

Music; Bands

The Ting Tings are an English musical duo, consisting of Jules de Martino and Katie White.They formed in 2007 in Salford and have released four singles from two albums, including ...

Crystal Castles

Music; Bands

Crystal Castles are a Canadian electronic band formed in 2004 in Toronto, consisting of produced Ethan Kath and lyricist and vocalist Alice Glass. The band is known for their ...

The Strokes

Music; Bands

American rock band formed in 1998 in New York City, including Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond, Jr., Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti. The group is best known ...

XL Recordings

Music; Bands

Record label known for taking innovative music into the mainstream. The Prodigy, Dizzee Rascal, MIA and Vampire Weekend were all spotted and nurtured by the label, which grants ...

fleetwood mac

Music; Bands

Fleetwood Mac is a British-American band formed in 1967, London. The band-name is a mix of the bassist John McVie's and the drummer Mick Fleetwood's names. The band have been ...

kings of convenience

Music; Bands

Kings of convenience is an indie-pop duo from Bergen, Norway. There are two band members, Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. They are known for their calming voice, delicate tunes ...


Music; Bands

Vamp is a Norwegian band that started playing in 1991. Since 1993 they have released 8 albums. They play Norwegian folk music, Celtic music and rock, and they have a very big and ...