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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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abstract right

Philosophy; Western philosophy

The first chapter of Hegel's Philosophy of Right, it states that abstract right is the inherently single will of a subject confronting an external world. Hence the imperative of ...

abstract objects

Philosophy; Western philosophy

Objects, such as numbers or universals, that do not exist as spatio-temporal particulars. Philosophers disagree about whether there can be such objects or, if they do exist, how ...

abstract idea

Philosophy; Western philosophy

An idea which expresses a nature or determining attribute considered (by the mind) as separated from the subject in which it inheres.


Philosophy; Western philosophy

The process of forming a general concept by omitting every distinguishing feature from the notions of some collection of particular things; thus, substantively, an abstraction is ...


Philosophy; Western philosophy

The name of the philosophical school founded by Plato in 385 BC. Some scholars contend that this was, in fact, the first university in the world.

absolute inconsistency

Philosophy; Western philosophy

A system that is absolutely inconsistent iff all its wffs are theorems.

fallacy of accident

Philosophy; Western philosophy

The fallacy that confuses the accidental and essential characteristics of a thing, so that what is affirmed of something as adventitious to a thing is also applied to the subject ...