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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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shared storage

Software; Virtualization

Amount of used storage minus the not-shared storage. Applies to virtual machines that can share storage with any other virtual machine, including linked clones.


Software; Virtualization

(1) A system capable of managing and running virtual machines. (2) A process capable of accepting and running instructions from another process.

server-based licensing

Software; Virtualization

In VMware Infrastructure 3, a mode of licensing VMware software in which all license keys are administered by a license server, which manages a central license pool. Feature ...

service console

Software; Virtualization

The command-line interface for an ESX server system that enables administrators to configure the system. The service console is installed as the first component and used to ...

revert to snapshot

Software; Virtualization

To restore the status of the active virtual machine to its immediate parent snapshot. See also Go to snapshot, Snapshot Manager.


Software; Virtualization

A defined set of privileges that can be assigned to users and groups to control access to VMware vSphere objects.

scheduled task

Software; Virtualization

In vCenter Server, an activity that is configured to occur at designated times. In VMware Converter, scheduled tasks consist of migrations and configurations of virtual machines.