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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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independent disk

Software; Virtualization

A type of virtual disk that is not affected by snapshots. You can configure independent disks in persistent and nonpersistent modes. See also nonpersistent mode, persistent mode.

instance customization

Software; Virtualization

The process of customizing an ACE instance to make it unique from all other instances. The instance customization process automates the actions of the Microsoft sysprep utility. ...


Software; Virtualization

A hierarchical structure used by the vCenter Server or the host agent to organize managed entities. This hierarchy is a list of all the monitored objects in vCenter Server.


Software; Virtualization

To reclaim unused space in a virtual disk. If a disk has empty space, shrinking reduces the amount of space the virtual disk occupies on the host drive. Shrinking virtual disks is ...


Software; Virtualization

A unit of CPU and memory that can accommodate the CPU and memory reservation requirements of the largest virtual machine in your cluster. Spare capacity for failover is maintained ...

service host

Software; Virtualization

The host on which a Web service executes.

service instance

Software; Virtualization

In the VMware vSphere SDK, the managed entity that provides access to all other managed entities. Clients must access the service instance to begin a session.