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Of or pertaining to any organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity or game requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means within a specified set of rules.

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spring conditions

Sports; Alpine skiing

Ski area conditions in which many different surface types can be found on the mountain. This usually happens towards the end of the ski season during which increasing temperatures ...

narrow track steering

Sports; Alpine skiing

Using a small skid angle to steer a turn in order to minimize speed loss. With the small skid angle, the skis deflect and point only slightly away from the skier's actual ...


Sports; Alpine skiing

A body leaning position skiers use to manage and stay in lateral balance when they edge and ski downhill. By angulating, a skier can change the location of their center of mass, ...

matching skis

Sports; Alpine skiing

A term describing the placement of the skis when they are brought parallel or facing in the same direction.

huck it

Sports; Alpine skiing

The term "huck it" is to throw your body off of a jump and try to get the biggest air you can, or do a difficult trick. You can also huck it off of a large cliff. The ...


Sports; Alpine skiing

A freestyle skier who specializes in doing tricks on rails and boxes. A 'jib' is an obstacle to do tricks on. Such as anything from a box in the snow to a staircases ...


Sports; Alpine skiing

A form of skiing were the skier will be skiing off of the groomed runs. Sometimes called off piste skiing or free skiing. Freeriding is skiing the un-groomed trails typically ...