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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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Timepieces; Watches

Precious stones that can be set on various elements of a watch (case, bezel, dial, bracelet.) A diamond is described by its weight (carat), its color, its clarity and its shape ...

date display

Timepieces; Watches

The date indicator. It can be analog, with a hand indicating a number on the dial, or digital with a printed disc, sometimes called a calendar disc, showing the date in a small ...


Timepieces; Watches

Launched in 1976, Daytona watches were fitted with a tachymeter scale. They took their name from the Ferrari 365GTB/Daytona because Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the founder, ...

external parts

Timepieces; Watches

All the parts that are added to the movement and contribute to its final appearance, functionality and protection (e.g. case, dial, hands, crown, crystal.)


Timepieces; Watches

The escapement is the mechanism that receives the energy from the mainspring through the gear train and transmits it to the balance, causing it oscillate.

eight-day movement

Timepieces; Watches

A specially designed watch movement that can run for eight days without rewinding.

end of life (E.O.L.)

Timepieces; Watches

A security system fitted in TAG Heuer quartz watches. When the battery shows signs of running down the seconds hand starts to advance in jumps of four seconds.