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Animal verbs

Words describing actions by animals.

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Animal verbs

tail slapping

Zoology; Animal verbs

Dolphins can be seen slapping their tails forcibly on the surface of the water.


Zoology; Animal verbs

Action of a snake curving its body in concentric curves and rasping its keeled scales together to make a sawing sound as a warning.

siblicide .

Zoology; Animal verbs

The death of young caused by fighting with siblings. Often occurs in larger birds (eagles, herons) in years when there is not enough food to feed all chicks

egg dumping

Zoology; Animal verbs

The practice of placing eggs in a nest built by another bird.


Zoology; Animal verbs

A behavior in birds in which the parents continue to warm nestlings or young that are unable to maintain their own body temperatures.


Zoology; Animal verbs

The storage or hoarding of food for later eating during times of limited food availability.

call matching

Zoology; Animal verbs

A vocalization in birds characterized by the male and female of a pair duplicating the other's flight call. Call matching is often a behavior exhibited by members of the finch family.

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