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African wild dog

Animals; Animals

They are an endangered species of dogs found in Botswana and the Zambezi valley. They are known to be very intelligent and social animals. They use their sense of sight and not smell to catch prey. ...


Animals; Animals

These are large antelopes that weigh up to 300 pounds. They have a sand colored coat in summer and grayish brown in winter. They are white colored on their legs, hips, belly, ears and facial ...

beisa oryx

Animals; Animals

These are non-jumping antelopes, found in the arid areas of Somalia and eastern Africa. They can tolerate long periods of heat by raising their body temperatures to up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This ...


Animals; Animals

These are nocturnal antelopes of reddish-orange color with white stripes running vertically along the body. This hoofed animal is the largest species of antelope and the only antelope species which ...


Animals; Animals

These are the largest primates found only in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are also known as pygmy chimpanzee and the dwarf chimpanzee as they are very closely related to the chimpanzee. ...

water buffalo

Animals; Animals

These are said to have originated in Asia and have been domesticated world-wide. The wild Asian Buffalo is said to be an endangered animal. These are herbivores and spend most of their time submerged ...


Animals; Animals

These are pigs that live in the Somalia, eastern and southern former Zaire, Cape Province and Natal in South Africa. They have also been introduced in Madagascar, Comoro and Mayotte Islands. They ...

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