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Animals; Animals

Oryx is one of the species of antelopes belonging to the genus oryx.

sea anemones

Animals; Animals

Sea anemones are predatory animals that dwell in water,there name is derived from the anenome a terrestrial flower.

animal trainer

Animals; Animals

An animal trainer is an expert who has studied and observed specific or different animals or birds for their variations in behavior under different conditions and is capable of handling them, taming ...


Animals; Animals

A short shrill cry or sound, such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge.

mud turtle

Animals; Animals

Any of a number of drab-coloured freshwater turtles that often haul themselves out on to mudbanks.

musk turtle

Animals; Animals

A small drab-coloured American freshwater turtle which has scent glands that produce an unpleasant musky odour when the turtle is disturbed.

box jellyfish

Animals; Animals

Box Jellyfish are pale blue and transparent and bell or cubed shaped with four distinct sides, hence box jellyfish. Measuring up to 20 cm along each side of the cube or bell, the Box Jellyfish has ...

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