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Animals; Animals

An animal that eats dead plants or animals. Most scavengers are meat eating animals that eat dead animals rather than hunt live prey.

horseshoe crab

Animals; Animals

A type of invertebrate that lives in the ocean and has a large, round shell that covers the body and a pointed tail.


Animals; Animals

To pass the winter in a state of inactivity that is similar to sleep. These animals live in cold climates.


Animals; Animals

A large, extinct elephant that lived in the Northern Hemisphere during the Ice Age. Mammoths were covered with thick hair.


Animals; Animals

A type of worm that lives in water and sucks blood from other animals. Leeches are related to earthworms.


Animals; Animals

A mollusk that lives in tropical seas and has a spiral shell and many compartments. The nautilus is related to the squids.


Animals; Animals

A type of mollusk that has a soft, rounded body with eight tentacles and large eyes.

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