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Animals; Animals

A type of animal that has a soft body and usually lives inside a hard shell. Most mollusks live in water.


Animals; Animals

When an animal is referred to as a predator, it means that the animal either hunts or catches other animals. Predatory animals are generally dominant within their environment and will generally hunt ...


Animals; Animals

Able to seize, grasp, or hold by wrapping around an object. Many birds have prehensile feet.


Animals; Animals

When an animal is referred to prey, it means that the animal is either hunted or caught for food. Animals that are referred to as prey are generally hunted by bigger animals, although there are a ...


Animals; Animals

An animal with four feet, such as most reptiles and mammals. Quadrupedalism is a type of locomotion using four legs.


Animals; Animals

A tiny animal that is made up of only one cell and lives mainly in the ocean and are main part of the plankton.


Animals; Animals

A sea animal with a hard outer skin that is usually covered with spines.These are invertebrates with internal skeletons.

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