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Animals; Animals

An animal which sucks blood;esp.(a) the leech;(b)any of various Asian and Australian Lizards.


Animals; Animals

These are furry orange-colored antelopes are found in the Zambezi Valley and isolated pockets of Tanzania. They have thick, heavily ringed 'V' shaped horns. They are grazing species and are ...


Animals; Animals

These venomous snakes belong to the subfamily of snakes commonly known as 'pit vipers'. They have a hemotoxic venom that attacks the tissues destroying them. The Mojave rattlesnake is known to have a ...


Animals; Animals

These are medium-sized cats that are natives of central and southern Africa. They have a spotted pelt like a cheetah and fan-like sharp ears. These ears also help servals sense vibrations. They were ...


Animals; Animals

These are also known as 'Steenbok' or 'Steinbuck'. They are small antelopes found in southern and eastern Africa. They look similar to Oribis. These antelopes have coat shade ranging from fawn to ...


Animals; Animals

These are short black-tailed antelopes known to be the fastest of their kind. They are found in the Savannah and the floodplains of Sudan, Chad, Kenya, Tanzania and Southern Africa. They are famous ...

vervet monkey

Animals; Animals

These are monkeys with gray coat having a yellow tinge. They have black face, hands, toes and tail tips. These agile climbers are forever foraging the forest for food. They are herbivores with a diet ...

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