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Of or pertaining to the assembly of a robot.

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arc welding robot

Robots; Assembly

Refers to an automated welding process performed by an industrial robot to create an electric arc between an electrode and a base material to melt the metals at the welding point.


Robots; Assembly

To improve and advance robots in order to meet current standards.


Robots; Assembly

With the headquarters located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, this company provides the most automated systems such as robots to industries in North and South America.

remote compliance center

Robots; Assembly

(RCC) Used to decouple linear and rotational motion. All compliance structures have a center though the remote compliance center is projected outward.


Robots; Assembly

A signal from the robot equipment about conditions as they actually exist, rather than as the computer has directed them to exist.


Robots; Assembly

To renew a robotic system by fixing any problems that have occurred to ensure proper operation.

fixed automation

Robots; Assembly

(Hard Automation) Automated, electronically controlled system for simple, straight or circular. These systems are mainly used for large production runs where little flexibility is required.

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