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Basic science

The fundamental knowledge about various aspects of our world and their underlying principles.

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Basic science


Science; Basic science

The most basic part of a living thing, made up of a jelly like substance called cytoplasm.


Science; Basic science

A person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft or to work in outer space is called as astronaut.

big bang

Science; Basic science

The powerful explosion that scientists believe was the first thing that happened in the history of the universe.


Science; Basic science

French scientist who discovered that uranium is radioactive in 1896. Antoine Henri was born in 1852 and died in 1908.

center of mass

Science; Basic science

The point in an object that moves or resist being moved as though it entire mass were located in it.


Science; Basic science

An older name of the Celsius temperature scale and it is a measurement of temperature of an object.


Science; Basic science

The scientific study of climates, especially in order to understand regional variations and long term changes.

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