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Belly dance

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Belly dance


Dance; Belly dance

A high-pitched ululation done with the tongue. It is a sound of celebration associated with weddings, parties, and other joyful occasions.


Dance; Belly dance

This is a Middle Eastern frame drum which looks like a large tambourine.


Dance; Belly dance

In Arabic music, this refers to free, non-rhythmic singing. It's a vocal improvisation that sounds melancholy.


Dance; Belly dance

People in the United States often use this to refer to anything that has to do with the region of the Saudi Arabia peninsula, especially the musical rhythm that is particularly associated with this ...


Dance; Belly dance

This is a gourd-shaped Turkish stringed instrument, resembling a lute only with a smaller base.


Dance; Belly dance

This is a particular style of dance which originated in Morocco.


Dance; Belly dance

This is the Egyptian name for the body stocking that is worn with bedleh.

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