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Belly dance

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Belly dance


Dance; Belly dance

In Arab countries, this is a market place, with row upon row of stalls of vendors selling their wares. Belly dance event organizers will sometimes refer to the section of their event that features ...

slinking back

Dance; Belly dance

Creating a slinking movement over the head, over the shoulder and , down to hip, into a Spanish frame.

crossing up

Dance; Belly dance

From the hips (or below) cross arms at wrist (keeping elbows high) raise above your head.

snake arms

Dance; Belly dance

Arms pretend to be snakes, arms are led by the elbow,creating a snaking motion (horizontal), alternating the arms.


Dance; Belly dance

In Arabic it means a female dancer. This is also the name of a very famous, very popular annual belly dance festival that is held in Richmond, California (near Oakland).


Dance; Belly dance

Used by belly dancers to refer to the style of music and dance from the Persian Gulf/Arabian peninsula area Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman.

kirik havalar

Dance; Belly dance

This is a category of Turkish music. These are tunes composed of rhythmic and measured melodies--the type of music that you could hum along with. One example of this type of music is songs based on ...

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