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Customer relationship management software.

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Software; CRM

Refers to a person that has made a payment for a product of any type. That could include a single booking or a membership.

bidirectional language support

Software; CRM

In a computer program or system, compatibility with both right-to-left and left-to-right reading languages.

read only

Software; CRM

One of the standard profiles to which a user can be assigned. Read Only users can view and report on information based on their role in the organization. (That is, if the Read Only user is the CEO, ...

administrator (system administrator)

Software; CRM

One or more individuals in your organization who can configure and customize the application. Users assigned to the System Administrator profile have administrator privileges.

solution manager

Software; CRM

One or more individuals in your organization who can review, edit, publish, and delete solutions. Typically, these individuals are product experts with excellent written communication skills and ...


Software; CRM

Opportunities track your sales and pending deals.

show/hide details

Software; CRM

Option available for reports that lets you show/hide the details of individual column values in report results.

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