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Computer hardware

Graphics cards, communications, motherboards, etc.

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Computer hardware


Computer; Computer hardware

En télécommunications, 4G est la 4e génération des standards pour la téléphonie mobile. Elle est le successeur de la 3G et de la 2G. Elle permet le « très haut débit mobile », soit des transmissions ...

compact disk

Computer; Computer hardware

A kind of optical disk that holds information, but not as much information as a DVD.


Computer; Computer hardware

A thin bar, small square, or similar item that appears on a computer screen at the place where a letter, number, or symbol can be added.

floppy disk

Computer; Computer hardware

A flexible plastic disk used for storing data. These are coated with magnetic material and covered by protective jackets.


Computer; Computer hardware

A group of parts that work together to form something that is more complex. The computer, keyboard, screen make up a computer system.


Computer; Computer hardware

A device that turns printed pictures and text into digital information that can be stored or changed by a computer.

hard disk

Computer; Computer hardware

A rigid magnetic disk that is part of a computer and is used for storing information.

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