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Sports; Cycling

This is the structure, made up of a number of tubes, that are usually welded together that makes up the foundation of the bicycle and which the rest of the components, forks, handlebars, seat etc. ...


Sports; Cycling

This is the name for the frame-and-fork arrangement.

free wheel

Sports; Cycling

This is a small sprocket that drives the rear wheel, but it can also spin freely when the pedals are not being pedaled.


Sports; Cycling

The device on a bike that changes its speed. Lower gears are harder to pedal, but good for speed, while higher gears are easier to pedal and are good for climbing hills.

granny gear

Sports; Cycling

The lowest gear on a bike.


Sports; Cycling

These are the rubber casings that fit over the ends of handlebars that a rider holds on to when riding their bike.


Sports; Cycling

To ride very hard and very fast.

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