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handicap races

Sports; Cycling

Usually a 1000-meter (3281 feet) race where riders start at different places on the track according to their handicap. An assistant holds them up on the track and at the start they give the rider a ...


Sports; Cycling

That part of the bicycle where the bicyclist puts his/her hands and steers the bicycle.

hard tail

Sports; Cycling

A mountain bike that has no rear suspension. These bikes usually have front suspension and might have suspension in the seat as well.

high side

Sports; Cycling

Failing to make a turn and being thrown from the bike in a direction opposite to the turn.


Sports; Cycling

To ride standing up. This is so the rider can gain more power with his upper legs.


Sports; Cycling

To abruptly and unexpectedly move the back wheel on your bike to the side, thus causing the following rider to move over and slow down to keep from crashing.

individual pursuit

Sports; Cycling

A track race, where two competitors start the race on opposite sides of the track and try to catch the other competitor or at least finish in the fastest time.

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