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An eastern Citadel in the central Edge region, and the village nearby.


Literature; Fiction

A pattern-symbiont plant of the central uplands. Its stem-fibers are used in paper-making.


Literature; Fiction

Double-headed spear, about a meter and a half in length, used in close or melee combat. The spearman twirls the shaft by the center to present the two razor-sharp, double edged heads spinning.

Twolight Gulf

Literature; Fiction

The large gulf between the Drymarch end of the Coastmarch and the southern Aravan Barrens.


Literature; Fiction

Chancel and Cloister, famed for the Healers it produces, in the eastern midlands between the Zelnaal Valley and that part of the Edge Mountains known as the Northeast Range.

Valhal Pass

Literature; Fiction

A major gap in the Vallars that permits the Central Trail to pass, continuing eventually to the edge of the Snowmarch.


Literature; Fiction

A Great House near the northern Marches, encompassing a large area of the mountains known as the Vallars. Also known as the Towers of the Green Mountains.

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