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President of the College of Arms, a Veran official charged with the maintenance of enfeoffment records, matrikaril and other property matters, and various legal and ceremonial validations of noble ...


Literature; Fiction

A freshwater maraid that flourishes in the southern reaches of mountain-fed rivers and swims upstream for reproduction. Grows up to 2 kg. In weight, flattish and multi-finned, with a row of spines ...


Literature; Fiction

A coagulant powder, made from the eggshells of a small riparian themfi of the Tezanyth and Chamaryo river valleys in the west.


Literature; Fiction

One of the Great Islands, a shipbuilding and fishing center with a huge natural harbor on the west side.


Literature; Fiction

Small, semi-aquatic creatures of the themfi order with highly developed perceptual and sensory arrays similar to canine olfactory abilities in discriminatory capacity. Some of the larger species are ...


Literature; Fiction

A dryland shrub of the far southeast region that grows in the zone from a thousand to two thousand meters elevation.


Literature; Fiction

A nutlike seed of the tooran shrub, roasted and ground to add flavor to baked goods and teas.

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