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A mildly intoxicating distillation of a sweet grain of the Lake district, usually infused with herbal resins.


Literature; Fiction

An infused brew of tree-seeds, the Northern variety caffeinated, served hot or cold, sometimes flavored with tart fruits or sweetened with nectar.


Literature; Fiction

A woodwind instrument that plays in the bass range, with either single or double reed.


Literature; Fiction

Religio-philosophic concept among Veran Believers, describing the state of close emotional and psychic communion between people focused on emotional or higher-consciousness goals, sometimes used to ...

Skywatch Tower

Literature; Fiction

Veran's largest observatory, situated near and under the jurisdiction of Holla Fari Cloister.


Literature; Fiction

The northernmost of the Great Houses of Veran, a Marcher House, encompassing a large area of tundra and sub-tundra between the Arctic and the Great Ranges.


Literature; Fiction

Two of the major festivals of Veran Culture. The Winter Solstice is known as the Festival of Light, and commemorates the wisdom and teaching of elders, and the sanctification of the home. The Summer ...

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