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Royal Levy

Literature; Fiction

Support, owed by Royal seisin and charter holders as defined in the Constitution, assessed triennially in the Royal Audit. Amounts vary based on the Royal Agenda as approved by the Council.

Royal Post

Literature; Fiction

The network of stations for distributing official news and information, and carrying communications under Royal Charter. Royal vassals are required to maintain Post stations in their care but Post ...

Royal Road

Literature; Fiction

The great east-west road that bisects Veran from Chorral on the east coast to the Westmarch. Royal vassals are required to maintain segments of the road that pass through their territories.


Literature; Fiction

A Veran dish, a spiced boiled mix of meats, seasoned with the pungent leaves of the filsi plant, and glazed over with tarella fruit juice.

Rushford Citadel

Literature; Fiction

Northernmost Citadel in the west, situated in Whitewater near the house-town of the same name.


Literature; Fiction

Polite prefix of address for Holders and Guildmembers of minor degree and those whose rank is unknown-- in effect, the generalized polite prefix of address.


Literature; Fiction

A common eovai genus with many species subspecies, some domesticated. Many of the wild species are hunted.

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